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Did you know that we get most of our energy for climate controls from deeper undergrounds? When designing the building of the restaurant, the architects created something that gets its energy for heating and cooling systems mainly from sustainable energy resources.

During construction a well was drilled at 100 meters underground from where hot air is stored. This stored hot air comes from the heat ‘waste’ that the freezers and refrigerators in the kitchen produce. This hot air is used and blown through our vitalisation system during winter to maintain a comfortable temperature inside the restaurant. In summer the system works vice versa. The ventilation system pumps air through the well to cool it with groundwater and lets the ventilation system act as an air-conditioning. This whole system functions on a outsourced energy management system which automatically measures the temperatures inside the restaurant and acts on it accordingly. The system shows that after four years an average of 75% of the total energy comes from green resources!

Another little green fact is that while you are enjoying a refreshing drink in the sun, the same sun is used in a system to heat the water. A pipe system on the roof collets the sun energy to heat up water that is stored in a 3000 litre boiler. Best of all, this system works year-round.

The benefits are already paying off. We save money on our energy bills, but more importantly, nature provides most from this system!

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Westeinder Paviljoen


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